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We appreciate your taking the time to visit our web site.  Our name comes from the fact that we produce a lot of sawdust, as we fabricate various intarsia items.  We have been making wood intarsia for over 16 years and continue to learn and appreciate the various techniques involved.  We invite you to look through our pages and to enjoy the world of intarsia.We believe you will find our finished work to be of quality and most economical.  Thanks again for visiting.


For an overview of our products, click on the picture above to turn pages.  There are a total of 50 pictures. Check our galleries for more detailed information.

Intarsia and Its Applications

Wood Intarsia items make unique wall decorations (as example, use an eagle-CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE or the Last Supper above the fireplace mantle).  These items are particularly effective to bring out selected decor and interests.  The accompanying galleries contain pictures of various Intarsia (wood mosaic) items we make.  These items are appropriate for decorations, gifts, and collection, and can be obtained as outlined in our "Ordering Procedures".  For procedures used in crafting an Intarsia item, Click Here.


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Ordering Procedures

Gallery 1 (Birds)

Gallery 2 (Birds)

Gallery 3 (People)

Gallery 4 (Animals)

Gallery 5 (Animals)

Gallery 6 (Cars & Other)


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